RAID PERSIA October 2015

RAID PERSIA October 2015

October 2015:

This was the first official raid and the first trip of its own kind in Iran; Genuinely more than a month trip, lots of preparation, recce trips, border formalities and 21 days of tough operation inside country; this trip is exclusively designed for the deserts of Iran.

We literally drove about 1200 km off roads in remote corners of Dasht-e kavir and Lut desert! Twenty 4X4 cars drove about 550 km from south of Kashan to reach Choupanan and Rig-e jen border all in off-roads in heart of Dasht-e kavir!

Resting for 1 day in beautiful clayish Yazd; we continued to reach Lut desert for venturing in to the heart of this unknown beauty!

We drove about 600 km in giant sand dunes, central district and Kaluts area. and … All cars did successfully!!!.jpg

it is October  and it was 36c in mid day in shade while sand surface warmth was 50c!!

Third Camp in Yalan Dunes

We Care To Drive In One Line As Much As Possible As Part Of the Responsibility For Sustainable Tourism