City of Poets

City of Poets

Shiraz is known as the city of poets, Shiraz is a cosmopolitan and thriving city and the capital of Fars province. The city boasts a wealth of monuments and is the central point for visits to the surrounding sites including; of course, Persepolis. Shiraz is famous for its gardens of which the Eram and Naranjestan are the most beguiling with their tiled summerhouses, waterways and beautifully laid out terraces in the traditional Persian style. Classical sites out in the heat and dust of the plains.

Shiraz was made the country’s capital in the 18th century under the Zand dynasty. The Vakil Mosque and the Citadel of Karim Khan date from this period. But the jewel of Shiraz is undoubtedly the Shah Cheragh or ‘King of Light’ Shrine – the place where Sayyed Amir Ahmed (the brother of the 8th Imam) was laid to rest in glittering splendour. Permission is granted to non Muslims for visits to the shrine a wonderful and exhilarating experience, especially at night.


No visit to the city is complete without a pilgrimage to one or both of the tombs of the poets who made Shiraz famous as the city of love, nightingales and roses . Hafez and Saadi are buried in two beautiful mausoleums set in their own gardens, revered today just as much as they ever were, the major Sassanian sites of Bishapur and Firuzabad are both within easy reach of Shiraz and are included in some of our itineraries. The road from Shiraz to Bishapur descends through the famous Persian Gates the route of Alexander’s invasion of Persia.

Finally, Shiraz boasts one of Iran’s best bazaars, the products of which include intricate inlaid woodwork, gold and silver, brass, glass, ceramics and tribal carpets. More Info