Nowruz Celebrated at UN

Nowruz Celebrated at UN

Monday, 22th March 2016, United Nations member states that celebrate the New Year have gathered at the UN headquarters in New York for the International Day of Nowruz., UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon described Nowruz as a perfect example of unity and diversity.


Ban Ki-moon called Nowruz "a part of the global cultural heritage," and said that this festival meets United Nations principles."Nowruz is an ancient festival, which is older than borders and differences today. It serves as a reminder that the national borders, religious and other superficial differences are not as important as the fact that we are people. In this sense, Nowruz breaks down barriers and builds the bond of trust," Ban Ki-moon said.

According to him, the UN is proud to celebrate this holiday, as it is preaching the same values: solidarity, friendship and respect for the environment.

Nowruz is celebrated in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Georgia, India, Iraqi Kurdistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan. In Russia it is celebrated in Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Dagestan and other regions. Nowruz is celebrated by 300 mln people all over the world.